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Why solar water pumps?

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Why solar water pumps?

No Wind? No Grid? No Problem.

Well sunlight is free and abundant. Humans are dependent on water for survival. Inorder to obtain their daily water requirements we pump our water from wells, dams, rivers, ponds,etc. Since the system is OFF-Grid, it can always pump water even in an apocalypse.

The pumping technology of the 19th century was the windmill. The 20th century brought the power grid to these systems. In the 21st century and beyond, the solution is solar! Need more water than you can pump during daylight hours? You can supplement your solar water pump system with deep-cycle batteries, charged by the same solar panels that run your well pump. No more paying the power company and electricians thousands of dollars to hook up pumps to the grid. No more trenching miles of power cables. No more electric bills.


No More Electric Bills

No more paying the power company thousands of dollars to hook up pumps to the grid. No more trenching miles of power cables. No more electricians. No more electric bills. The time for solar is now!

Easy Installation

With our step-by-step installation guide, anyone can install our solar well pump. If you can connect terminal wires and connect plumbing, you'll have no trouble doing this yourself. We also have a helpful step-by-step video to walk you through the installation process.

The Windmill Killer

Windmills are outdated, 19th-century technology, vulnerable to breaking down and prohibitively expensive to repair. These cumbersome systems are being replaced by the sleek, robust, and durable solar technology of the 21st century. Best of all, with solar, there’s no need to hook up to the grid!

Now Better Than Ever

Over the past few years, solar cells and brushless motor technologies have made great strides. Our engineers have designed and manufactured our kits using the best new technologies for the most efficient and affordable systems anywhere.

  •                       Solar Pumps versus Windmills and AC Pumps

  • Windmill 220V AC Pump - 3/4hp  Cheers Solar Pump Kit  (with solar panels)
    Cost of system $5,000 $500 $1000
    Installation $1,000 $200 $200
    Electrician 0 $200 0
    Trenching 0 $200 0
    Cost of electricity per gallon $0 $0.002 $0
    Total cost after 1 year (or 200,000 gallons at ~500 gallons/day) $6,000 $1,500 $1,200
    Total cost after 5 years $6,000 $3,100 $1,200
    With a CHEERS Solar Pump, you'll save over $1,900 in 5 years compared to an AC PUMP!

Solar powered water pumping systems (surface pumps & submersible pumps) with pump controller operates and moves amounts of water to storage tanks (watering tanks or irrigation directly by solar energy, if the water level in borehole is low, the pump will stopped by controller.

solar water pumping systems will be more and more popular in the near future, most people use pump by solar instead of ac powered pump, it is much more easy for off-grid home water supply, move water from borehole for livestock, the water flow rate can be from 1 gallon per minute to hundreds .

Any inquiry about solar water pumps, please contact us by email : Tony@pumps-in-china.com

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